Golden Gate Photo

Mount Diablo Sunset, Mount Diablo State Park, California.

Just for your enjoyment, here is the sunset as it occurred on Friday, October 13, 2000, from the Peak of Mount Diablo. On this day, the sun set right behind the Golden Gate Bridge. In the last frame of the animated GIF, you will barely see the outline of the bridge. Also look for a green fringe along the top of the sun in two separate frames. This is the Green Flash, a rare optical phenomenon caused by the bending of light through layers of the atmosphere with different density.

This sequence of photos was taken with a Hasselblad 501CM and a 500mm lens with a 2XE converter (1,000mm telephoto). A UV/haze filter was used and the film was Agfa Ultra 50 ASA.

Feel free to download this GIF and pass it around.

Mount Diablo Sunset

Here are close-ups of the 9th and 11th frames, where you can see the green fringe on the upper edge of the sun.

Mount Diablo Sunset, Frames 9 and 11

If you would like to see and learn more about the green flash and other atmospheric phenomena, check out this great page of links put together by Andrew T. Young.

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