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Fine Art Photography of Sun Rays.

Sun Rays, Cloud Rays, God Rays, and Crepuscular Rays: all rays of sunlight radiating out from an obscured Sun. Sun rays are commonly formed when the Sun goes behind a cloud or just below a mountain, especially if there is any haze in the air. Crepuscular (meaning of the twilight) rays occur when the Sun lies below the horizon, either after sunset or before sunrise, and may be formed by the Sun peaking around distant clouds or mountains below the horizon, or may even be due to a backscatter of windrows of particles high in the stratosphere. Rarely, crepuscular rays can cross the entire sky, merging on the antisolar point (directly opposite the Sun's position) where they are called anticrepuscular rays. Although the rays appear to converge at the Sun or antisolar point, they are actually parallel (like railroad tracks appear to converge).

Anticrepuscular Rays, Grand Canyon

Anticrepuscular Rays, Grand Canyon

Taken from Yavapai Point on the South Rim, this view is toward the east a few minutes after the Sun set in the west. These "twilight rays" are an unusual natural phenomenon, resulting from reflections high in the atmosphere. Notice that the rays converge above the horizon. This indicates that the Sun is below the opposite horizon.

Print No. A97SW-31-3

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Anticrepuscular Rays, Bryce Canyon

Anticrepuscular Rays, Bryce Canyon

Taken from Sunrise Point, this view is toward the east as the Sun was setting in the west.

Print No. A99-59-7

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Mormon Rocks and Sun Rays

Mormon Rocks and Sun Rays

The Mormon Rocks are Miocene-age sandstone beds of the Cajon Formation. Compression and shearing along the San Andreas Fault have resulted in the tilting and re-exposure of these beds. Good timing and position resulted in this view where the sky and Earth appear to be communicating with each other.

Print No. A98-43-1

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Solar Pillar - Sierra Foothills

Solar Column - Sierra Foothills

Reflections off ice crystals in distant cirrus clouds creates a vertical column above the setting Sun in this image taken from Jackson, California, along famous Highway 49.

Print No. B96-19

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Mesquite Flat Sandstorm at Sunset

Mesquite Flat Sandstorm at Sunset
In this view looking west across Mesquite Flat, barely perceptible solar rays radiate from behind the clouds and illuminate the blowing sand as the sandstorm approaches the sand dunes to the south.

Print No. C99-28-11

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