Example 4: Color References, International Space Station over Bridalveil Falls

International Space Station over Bridalveil Falls This image was from Yosemite National Park, California during the night of the November 19, 2002 Leonid meteor storm. It was taken at 5:16 AM as the International Space Station was making a fly-over and has an exposure time of 2 minutes. Looking toward the south, the ISS was illuminated by the sun, which had yet to rise on the left, whereas Bridalveil Falls was illuminated by a full moon low on the western horizon (to the right). Due the low level of illumination, the eye cannot actually see color reflected by objects illuminated by the moon. This long exposure time allowed for the unseen colors to be ‘burned into’ the image. However, there are no easy references to base a precise color representation in the image.