Golden Gate Photo - Great Sand Dunes Gallery
Fine Art Photography from the Great Sand Dunes National Monument in South-Central Colorado.

Great Sand Dunes National Monument is the home of the tallest sand dunes in North America. The dunes cover an area of nearly 40 square miles (110 Km2), with the highest points reaching 700 feet (210 meters). They form as prevailing winds from the southwest blow over the San Juan Mountains and across the San Luis Valley, picking up sand deposited in the valley by the Rio Grande. The sand is carried northeast until it reaches the slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains where it piles up.

Great Sand Dunes Sunset

Great Sand Dunes Sunset

Taken minutes before sunset, this northeast view across some of the higher parts of the dunes includes the shadow of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the background.

Print No. A97SW-15-8

More Images of Sunsets

Prairie View

Praire View

Here is a panoramic view of the dunes from the south end of the monument. It is also the original photo used to create the CD cover of Junior Hot Cell's
The Unfenced Land.

Print No. A97SW-15-3

Great Sand Dunes Twilight

Great Sand Dunes Twilight

Looking back to the south, the dunes glow in the summer afterglow. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains are on the left.

Print No. A97SW-16-11


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